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Tuesday-Sunday 11-17
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40 min from
Copenhagen H
The Obel Family Foundation
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After work reading in Hummings

ny oplæsning

Fiction and poetry have already taken over Køge’s urban and rural spaces with the exhibition Hummings. Now the Hummings universe gets a new dimension when four renowned Danish authors on September 24 at 17 read from works that are thematically linked to KØS’ ambitious international public exhibition.

The four authors you will hear this late summer evening are: Jonas Eika, who will read from Efter solen. Siri Ranva Hjelm Jacobsen, who will read from Havbrevene. Peter Laugesen, who will read from Vadehave. Amalie Smith, who will read from Thread Ripper.

Like Hummings, the literary works deal in their own way with humans’ relationship with nature, other existences, organisms, and technology. Some of the works find themselves in dystopian sci-fi-like scenarios, while others suggest that we should be open to new intertwining modes of existence.

We meet at Strandengen, where we on blankets surrounded by lanterns will listen and enjoy the late summer evening.

The event starts at 17 and we expect to finish around kl. 19. Hummings closes at 20, so we recommend that after the reading you explore the six works that are also located at Søndre Havn – or all the exhibition’s 17 works, if you have the opportunity to come before the reading. Read more about the exhibition here

The event is free and you don’t need to reserve a place. The reading is a collaboration with the Køge Libraries.

NB: In case of rain, the event will be held indoors.

Siri Ranva Hjelm Jacobsen: photo by Kajsa Gullberg
Jonas Eika: photo by Aphinya Jatuparisakul
Peter Laugesen: photo by Martin Dam Kristensen
Amalie Smith: photo by David Stjernholm