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KØS x VEGA|ARTS present: Concert and conversation with Hassan Khan: The Infinite Hip-Hop Song Live! + Installation by Florence To

Hassan concert

Be catapulted into the musical landscape of the future on this night of original hip-hop and visionary algorithms.

KØS and VEGA|ARTS are thrilled to present a free concert and talk with artist Hassan Khan + installation by artist Florence To on June 6, from 7-11 pm at VEGA in Copenhagen as part of the public programme for the exhibition Realistic Utopias at KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces. A truly unique and immersive night, you should not miss out on!

Khan and curator Irene Campolmi launch the evening by discussing seven elements chosen by the artist to lay out a network of references and associations that inform his algorithmic music installation The Infinite Hip-Hop Song (2019), currently running on KØS forecourt as part of the exhibition Realistic Utopias.

After the talk, you can explore Florence To’s art project in VEGA LAB, which thematically overlaps with Khan’s use of musical language, algorithms and popular culture.

Headlining the evening is Khan’s concert The Infinite Hip-Hop Song Live! An evolving set of fire bars and rhymes, shifting drops, mutating breaks and elastic tunes developed from his algorithmic installation. Using a custom-made interface he moulds the vast database of beats, melodies, bass-lines, and specially written songs recorded in the studio with eleven rappers of diverse backgrounds into one continuous set.


18:30: Open doors – explore VEGA|ARTS’ Lab and installation by Florence To
19:00-19:45/20: Seated talk: Hassan Khan in conversation with Irene Campolmi
20:00-21:00: Intermezzo: Drinks and introduction to Florence To’s exhibition in VEGA LAB
21:00: The Infinite Hip-Hop Song Live! with Hassan Khan

Bio Hassan Khan:
Hassan Khan is an internationally acclaimed artist, musician and writer, he is the winner of the Silver Lion at the 57th Biennale di Venezia (2017) and is currently Professor of Fine Arts at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. Khan has been at the cutting edge of adventurous music since he first appeared on the Cairo underground scene in the 90s. Starting with the albums tabla dubb (2001) and INCIDENCE (2005) he developed sets that blend improvised electronica with composed studio recordings to offer a unique and visceral take on popular genres like new wave Shaabi in The Big One, minimal beats in Club Gamelan, classical Arabic Music in Taraban and new music in Live Ammunition, music for clapping, string quartet and live electronics. Khan has also composed music for theater, dance, film and different ensembles. Recent major solo exhibitions include Blind Ambition a large survey at Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris in 2022 and The Keys to the Kingdom at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid in 2019 and his latest album SUPERSTRUCTURE EP (2019) is released by the Vinyl Factory.

Bio Florence To:
Florence To (b.1985) is a Scottish-born artist from Hong Kong who creates acoustic scenographies and audiovisual installations with a focus on architectural space design. Working in various different architectural environments has led her further to investigate the consequences of cognitive and emotional triggers and how different sensory inputs are experienced in space. Drawing on visual and acoustic ecology and phenomenology, her creative endeavors are grounded in the importance of listening in order to adapt and establish deeper connections with the world we inhabit, especially in a period of ecological upheaval. Her work aims to break down the barriers that exist between different artistic disciplines and to promote multidimensional exchanges within creative communities. She has established residencies and works for the Berliner Festspiele, STRP Eindhoven, Mass MoCA in Massachusetts, The Spatialization and Auditory Display Environment [SpADE] in Limerick and the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in Portugal.

This KØS event is held in collaboration with VEGA|ARTS’ those purpose is to challenge the arts, the live experience, the audience and the music venues’ role as a house of arts.