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CLIMAVORE communal dining and tour of Realistic Utopias

climavore fællesspisning

April 20, 5-8 pm

Explore what our public spaces and eating habits might look like in the future, when KØS invites you to CLIMAVORE communal dining and a tour of the exhibition Realistic Utopias.

As part of Realistic Utopias, KØS has brought the artist group Cooking Sections’ project Becoming CLIMAVORE to Denmark. This means that we in collaboration with Cooking Sections and chef Mads Hermansen have created a new tasty, seasonal and climate-conscious menu based on sustainable suppliers and removed avocado pork and salmon from the menu in our cafe. The purpose of Becoming CLIMAVORE is to change the way we eat in response to man-made climate change and the effects of conventional agriculture and mass food production.

At our continuous CLIMAVORE communal dinners you will then get the ultimate CLIMAVORE experience in the form of a CLIMAVORE buffet, which each time will reflect the season. At dinner KØS will tell you more about the Becoming CLIMAVORE project. Before the meal you will get a tour of Realistic Utopias and the many exciting art works that all in their own way expand the idea of public art and public spaces.

The tour and the intro to Becoming CLIMAVORE will be in Danish.

Bring your friends, your colleagues or your family and join us when we explore new sustainable ways of eating together.

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Communal dining including free film screening: 200 dkk.  
Communal dining including free film screening as a member of KØS Club/student/senior: 150 dkk