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Lea Guldditte Hestelund’s The Keeper

the keeper2

Can stones feel sorrow? Do they hun? They do so in visual artist Lea Guldditte Hestelund’s stone sculpture trilogy The Unnamed, The Keeper and Transformer, which was part of the large international recurring exhibition Hummings, which in the late summer of 2021 occupied Køge’s urban spaces and landscapes. We have put an end to the pilot version of the exhibition, but a handful of the works live on, i.a. Hestelunds The Keeper, which stands at the roundabout on Søndre Alle / Blegdammen.

At first glance, The Keeper looks like one of Køge’s countless natural stones. But if you move around it, a completely different inner life is revealed. A set of monstrous feet guarding an egg and the experience of housing a new life and forever carrying another, new being in it; as something both recognizable and foreign.

Come and meet The Keeper at the roundabout at any time of the day. If you put your ear to the large granite sculpture, it is just before you can hear its history humming up through the stone. Follow this link for the exact location.

Hear Hestelund tell more about The Keeper in the video below.