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Rune Bosse’s Glasshouses


In Tangmoseskoven by Køge Marina, you will until January 2022 be greeted by a very special sight. Four large greenhouses reign among the trees in the small forest. The greenhouses were created by artist Rune Bosse and a tree lives behind the misted plexiglas of the greenhouses. The greenhouses are called Glasshouses and were Bosses contribution to our large international exhibition Hummings, which from August to September 2021 unfolded in Køge’s urban spaces and landscapes. Sure, the exhibition is over, but a handful of the works live on. One of them is Bosses Glasshouses.

The greenhouses are equipped with ventilation and solar cell lamps, and as autumn approaches outside, they will maintain the warmer environment and weather inside the glass. Will the trees stay green while their fellow species lose foliage? Will the greenhouses change the cycle of the tree? No one know, but you can help us keep an eye on the development of the trees.

The greenhouses can be experienced at all times of the day. Go to the locations below and you will find them.


Photo: Torben Eskerod
Video: KØS og Eser Erzurum