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Nørregade 29
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Tuesday-Sunday 11-17
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Jakob Jakobsen’s ANGST


In a concrete rotunda at Søndre Havn, it says in bright yellow letters “ANGST”. The mural in the rotunda was created by visual artist Jakob Jakobsen and formed the scenography for his tragedy ANGST – a tragedy in three acts, which was one of the 17 works in the exhibition Hummings, which in the late summer of 2021 unfolded in Køge’s urban spaces and landscapes. Hummings is over, but a handful of the artworks live on in Køge’s public space. Jakobsen’s mural is one of them.

Visit the work at all times of the day, take Jakobsen’s manuscript of the tragedy with you from the small box at the entrance, and gain insight into a mental illness that affects many in our western society. The plant is located on Søndre Molevej in Søndre Havn. Follow this link for the exact location.

Hear Jakobsen tell much more about the work in the video below.

Photo: Torben Eskerod
Video: KØS og Eser Erzurum