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Nørregade 29
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Tuesday-Sunday 11-17
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Copenhagen H

Han Anders Sune Berg Elmgreen og Dragset

KØS collections

The collections at KØS hold sketches, models, and other types of preliminary studies for art projects that are permanently or temporarily placed within the public space.

Art projects can change several times during the process, often giving rise to a sequence of preliminary works before the final work is realised and put in place. These preliminary studies are presented to the public at KØS, ranging in scope from small pencil sketches to monumental, full-sized plaster models. Comprising more than 18,000 works, the collections document the genesis of public monuments: Right from the very first, hastily scribbled concepts and thoughts to detailed compositional studies and scale models made of cardboard, showing the planned work placed within its intended urban and architectural setting.

The collection mainly holds Danish art from the 20th century. Central figures among the artists featured include Bjørn Nørgaard, Poul Gernes, Kasper Heiberg, Ingvar Cronhammar, Elisabeth Toubro, Malene Landgreen, and FOS.

Elmgreen & Dragset, plaster model to the sculpture Han, 2012. Photo: Anders Sune Berg